It’s labeled DEI, but are Black women being included?

Any company’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion efforts will be superficial and disingenuous until they properly include Black women. They may make claims about their commitment to fostering a more equitable workplace, but have they really made steps toward positive change? They may read and promote the concepts and theories, hire the speakers, conduct the surveys, enthusiastically clap their hands and smile at the conferences, but a quick glance at who occupies the seats at the management tables in those conferences reveals the truth. You’ll find that Black women are nearly nonexistent.

Some will look at the image of Kamala Harris as the Vice President of the United States and claim victory for Black women in spaces of power (don’t get me wrong, this is historic, and I’m so over-the-moon proud of our Madame Vice President). Not to mention that Kamala’s new position as Vice President leaves the Senate without a single Black woman. Representation is important, but placing that triumph on the shoulders of one woman while so many Black women nationwide must overcome countless obstacles in order to gain any footing, shows how far we have left to go. Representation of one is not a victory for all. Read entire article here