Mental Health Consultant – African-American/African-Immigrant/Refugee Culture – Gun Violence Behavioral Health Response Team – Limited Duration

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Pay Range:

$37.86 – $46.58 Hourly


Note: This is a limited duration position that lasts up to two years. The eligible list created from this recruitment may be used to fill regular, full or part time, temporary, and limited duration assignments.

We seek leaders, achievers and doers who bring skill and passion to a challenging and evolving environment.  At the Multnomah County Health Department we are all  inspired by the mission: We work with communities to advance health equity, protect the most vulnerable, and prompt health and wellness for everyone and we uphold the values: Compassion and Care, Empowerment, Racial Equity, Connect and Integrity. And create a culture of respect, trust and understanding for the highly diverse population we serve in our communities.

We’re seeking  mental health professionals who represent the communities we serve and are dedicated to removing barriers to youth and families who experience intersectionality to join our team as the Mental Health Consultant, African American/African Immigrant/Refugee Culture – Gun Violence Behavioral Health Response Team – Limited Duration. In this position you will provide a range of culturally relevant,  mental health services to African American/African-Immigrant and Refugee youth and families. You will provide critical behavioral health support to address symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, fear, isolation and loneliness in gang impacted communities using an African American/African-Immigrant and Refugee cultural lens.

This position requires advanced knowledge of and experience working with the African American/African Immigrant and Refugee communities, providing mental health prevention support, care coordination to ensure culturally relevant mental health services, outreach and engagement expertise. This would be demonstrated by knowledge of the traditions, values, and customs of the community being served as well as the ability to identify specific examples of experience (professional and lived) working directly with individuals and families who identify with the African American/African Immigrant and Refugee communities.

As the Mental Health Consultant- African American/African Immigrant/Refugee Culture – other duties include:

Engagement, Assessment and Treatment 

  • Complete a comprehensive mental health assessment, develop a safety plan for thoughts of harm to self or others, develop a service plan and provide direct treatment services including individual, family and group therapy, psycho-education, and case management in the community, home or office.
  • Applies knowledge, skills, training or certification in substance use disorders and treatment for clients.
  • Performs managed care assessment for selecting and recommending services and programs for youth, family members and supportive adults.
  • Develop detailed clinical notes and documentation as part of creating a case plan for treatment and crisis intervention.
  • Develop, schedule and provide individual and family counseling to identify and discuss assessment outcomes, case plan, treatment options, identified problem behaviors that are or may cause harm to self and/or others, disruption to individual or family and come to agreement on least restrictive required steps and actions for healthy and sustained outcomes.

Community Outreach and Support 

  • Assists with outreach to schools, colleges, emergency rooms, community services, providers, community meetings, to share referral information and general education as it relates to community gang violence and Behavioral Health services.
  • Connect service providers that address social determinants of health such as employment and housing stability, insurance status, proximity to services, culturally responsive care, transportation, affordable and fresh foods, etc.
  • Collaborates in specific outreach and engagement to African Immigrant/Refugee clients and families who may have barriers to accessing behavioral health services.


  • Document all clinical assessments, service plans, service notes, outcome measures, completion of fidelity measures, local, state or federal measures, or required forms.
  • All record keeping is in accord with HIPPA, and is timely and complete.
  • Maintains clinical record keeping on individual prevention clients to comply with legal, medical, mental health (OAR compliance), and programmatic standards for clinical care documentation, using computer and related equipment.
  • Completes administrative data collection to record quantitative information about service delivery for compliance with program, department, County, and contractor data requirements.
  • Participates in individual and group supervision with Program Supervisor or lead for the purpose of reviewing clinical cases, administrative meetings and department sponsored training with other MHC’s and Behavioral Health administration.

Diversity and Inclusion: At Multnomah County, we don’t just accept difference; we value it and support it to create a culture of dignity and respect for our employees. We are proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer. As a Health Department employee you will create a work culture of respect, trust and understanding for the highly diverse populations the Health Department serves in the office and in the community. Every employee shares the responsibility for promptly bringing to the County’s attention conduct that interferes with providing a work environment free of illegal discrimination and harassment.


We will consider any combination of relevant work experience, volunteering, education, and transferable skills as qualifying unless an item or section is labeled required. Please be clear and specific about how your background is relevant. For details about how we typically screen applications, review our overview of the selection process page.

Required Minimum Qualifications/ Transferable Skills*:

Education/Certification: Must meet the standards of Qualified Mental Health Professional – (QMHP – R) with the Mental Health & Addiction Certification Board of Oregon (MHACBO) – more information can be found at MHACBO website. QMHP – R within 30 days of hire, current QMHP – R, and/or licensed Board of Oregon (LPC, LCSW, PHD,etc)

  • Graduate degree in psychology or
  • Graduate degree in social work or counseling or
  • Graduate degree in a behavioral science field


  • Advanced knowledge of and experience working with the African American/African Immigrant/Refugee communities. This would be demonstrated by knowledge of the traditions, values, and customs of the community being served as well as the ability to identify specific examples of experience (professional and lived) working directly with individuals and families who identify with the African American/African Immigrant/Refugee communities.
  • Understands cultural, racial and ethnic factors, including systemic advantage or disadvantage; acculturation, intergenerational immigrant family challenges, effects of trauma during immigration, war, separation from family and/or primary supports, detention, refugee camps, etc.; generational trauma, and any factors related to non-dominant culture affecting mental health and treatment.
  • This position requires a Background Investigation, which may include being fingerprinted.

*Transferable skills: Your transferable skills are any skills you have gained through education, work experience (including the military) or life experiences that are relevant for this position. Be sure to describe any transferable skills on your application and clearly explain how they apply to this position.

Preferred Qualifications/Transferable Skills: 

  • Advanced knowledge of issues young children and families witnessing or being impacted by violence, aggressive behavior, depression, anger problems, behavior problems, attention problems, dealing with grief, etc.
  • Advanced knowledge of the traditions, values and customs of the community being served as well as having a close affiliation with and membership in the African American/African Immigrant/Refugee communities.
  • Advanced knowledge of the African American/African Immigrant/Refugee communities, historical and current barriers to mental health services and has knowledge of the traditions, values and customs specific to this population.
  • Respect and appreciation for ethnic and cultural diversity.
  • Ability to apply an equity, intersectional and anti-racist lens.
  • Ability to provide information/referrals to community mental health providers.
  • Crisis intervention, including risk assessment of clients who may be involved in potentially life threatening situations.
  • Advanced skills in managing sensitive information and ability to support the community.
  • Knowledge of cultures, customs and social experiences of communities experiencing marginalization and barriers to opportunity.
  • Ability to exercise good judgment, diplomacy, and tact in dealing with sensitive, complex, confidential information and situations, in addition to acting professionally, and empathically, with individuals, internal/external partners and communities.


The Application Packet: You must submit all requested items below. Failure to do so will be deemed as an incomplete application.

1. Attach a Resume demonstrating you meeting minimum qualifications; AND

2. Attach a Cover Letter addressing the following:

  • Demonstrate your experience (lived and professional), affiliation and membership working directly with individuals and families who identify with the African American/African Immigrant/Refugee communities; and
  • Why you are interested in the position; AND

3. Attach a copy of your Oregon Licensure and/or QMHP Certification and indicate the status of your certification(s)

Note: Please be mindful of checking your email inbox for messages upon submitting your application. You may be emailed requesting for additional items from the Recruiter or hiring manager. If a response is not received in a timely manner your application may not be considered. 

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