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About Portland Street Response (PSR):

Portland Street Response is designed to serve as a third branch of the City of Portland’s first responder system: Police, Fire, and Portland Street Response.  The Bureau of Emergency Communications (BOEC) role will be to dispatch Police, Fire, or AMR if the call relates to saving a life, reporting a fire, a medical emergency, or reporting a crime.  For other non-life-threatening (but crisis-related) scenarios currently responded to by Police and Fire (such as behavioral health issues and welfare checks) Portland Street Response will be dispatched as an unarmed, first responder team, trained in behavioral health and on-scene medical assistance.
Two primary benefits of creating this new branch of first responders for non-life-threatening but crisis-related calls are:

1. Enables the City of Portland to free up Police and Fire resources to attend to life-saving and crime-related calls for help; and
2. Provides quick and compassionate response by trauma-informed members trained in crisis management and behavioral health.


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