Five Steps to Improve Diversity Recruiting

Johnny Campbell has a confession to make: When he started out as a corporate recruiter at age 21 doing searches for accountants and comptrollers, he’d quickly delete anybody older than 40 from his database.
“I would say over 40 is too old to do these jobs!” said Campbell, owner and CEO of Social Talent, a Dublin, Ireland-based social coaching platform for recruiters. “You live and learn. You grow out of these things. But I know there are other people out there who have these biases and they justify them.”
Bias can thwart diversity at every step of the hiring process, from recruiting, screening and interviewing to assessment and onboarding, Campbell said at this month’s HIREconf NYC, a recruiting conference. But there are tactics that can help increase equal opportunity at each stage.
“Diversity hiring isn’t about fixing one stage, and it isn’t just about the hiring,” he said. “When you talk about diversity and inclusion, it leads to the more holistic area of belonging in an organization and it doesn’t just end with [recruiters].”

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