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 Who’s Hanging Out in your Web?

What’s been on my mind lately is questiMichelle Wirtaons around what really matters when it comes to the human family and the invisible web that bind us all.

Questions like … how do we keep it real in the face of what can be sometimes feel like digital delusion? How is technology changing our brains? And how can we keep relevant and at the same time satisfy our core needs in our families, businesses, and daily connections?

Since being a tree climbing tomboy animal adoring dancing fool little girl I have been utterly fascinated with how life makes sense of itself. Curiosity has led me to observe why people make meaning out of life, how they connect to that personal wellspring of energy, and why is it that some people flow with the bumps of living and others become the bumps and live in quiet desperation? The best place I have been able to connect the dots of the vastly complex yet utterly simple needs of human nature is to look at the life sciences.

Being a humble brain aficionado and lover of systemic organization, I have found that when looking at base needs for life I see structures that require healthy connections in order to thrive. A flower needs water, roots, and sun. A herd of elephants needs biological sustenance, community, and habitat. The human brain needs water, healthy blood flow, and novel experiences that help it remain fit by growing new neural pathways. Everything is as healthy as the relationships it lives within.

And what about humans? As much as we are the genius innovators, paradigm shifters, and world resource dominators, for good or bad, don’t our primal needs come back to that of the flower, elephant, or brain? So how do we remain humble to our simple needs and connected to the complexity of modern life? How do we remain relevant in cultures based on the value of virtual, i.e., simulated exchanges?

I will be bold in saying that as a life system unto ourselves we cannot rely on virtual life to sustain our primal needs. We must grab opportunities to be in the flesh and blood as much as possible and use Internet programs much like a back office support resource. I see the web much like a brain, growing neurons and synapses and adapting every millisecond. Yet much like a healthy child’s brain, quality over quantity can make a world of difference. I’d choose an organic web of life any day over a matrix of ones and zeros that are virtually meaningless when isolated from their system. Though the irony is that that is just what can happen to us if we get trapped in its illusory web. I ask myself, if the Internet disintegrated tomorrow, whom would I turn to for connection in life and business? My organic web. That keeps the virtual just that and my real world, well, just that as well.

Get to know Michelle: Michelle synergizes her love of science, creativity, and people into a big top sized venture called Brain Circus. She believes that the human brain and heart expand thru the power and practice of curiosity. Michelle and her leadership team offer events that offer presenters and “playsenters” on topics of brain fitness, innovation, creativity, and expressively healthy ways to bust down the walls of any boxes that keep us separate from each other and ourselves. Current development and creative combustion is focused on the Brain Circus model for hemispheric happiness to be brought into businesses brainstorms, corporate cultures, and so much more! She also helps launch businesses dedicated to the greater good thru her other company Blast! Business Branding.

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