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4 Things to Do After an Interview

Posted by | February 14, 2016 | Mosaic Blog

Curly Hair IllustrationSo, you are relieved that the interview is over! And you are satisfied that you were able to answer most of the questions confidently and are looking forward to the day when you will get the call from the interviewer. However, before that there are certain things that you must do in order to keep the impression created by you during the interview intact.

Write a thank-you note immediately

You must have collected the business cards of the interviewers. For following up about the interview, the best way is of course sending then emails within 24 hours of the interview stating that you are best choice for the position.

You may also email them thanking them for their kind gesture and let them know how keen you are in getting the position. Now a days many people do not send hand written notes, but you can do that and that will make you different from other candidates present at the interview.

Connect online

When you have business card in your hand, it is obvious that you may try to connect with them online, but do so judiciously. Interfering too much may seem that you are stalking them and this will create negative impact.

Like if you find that any interviewer has more than 500 connections in LinkedIn, then you may send them an invitation. However, when you find that someone has fewer connections, do not send them invitations as they may like to get connected only with chosen few. You may be poking your nose and this may be disturbing for the interviewer.

Continue to follow up

If you find that you are not getting response after quite a while then follow up. If you get answer that it will take some time to take the final decision, do not stop following up. However, while you follow-up; make sure that you are ready with some topic to discuss and just not calling and asking about the position!

Keep notes

While you are looking for job or change you must not be attending interview at one place. So, it’s important that you keep proper track of the job openings that you are pursuing. You should keep notes of the resume sent and the contacts made. You must make note of your impression about the workplace, some important things that you discussed. All these will help you a lot when you look for information.

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