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The American Dream. I’ve spent a lifetime thinking about this phrase. Is it real? Is it possible? I determined through my own experiences that the American Dream can come to fruition not only at an individual level, Galina Burley-35but also on a community-wide level. The American Dream is achieved in an environment I call – a state of opportunity. Opportunities must be facilitated and can take many shapes and forms.

For me, these opportunities included having mentors, career advisers, becoming an American citizen, and a strong commitment to hard work.  For my parents, the state of opportunity included a business investment, gradually learning English, and leaving their friends, family and homeland thousands of miles behind to ensure that not only they personally prospered and thrived, that we too, their children, had a chance to live our own American Dream.  As a community, we have a responsibility to create these states of opportunity not only for individuals (which is essential), but also for our business community, in our schools, in our neighborhoods, and in our cities. American Dream is possible – after all, this is America

Get to know Galina: Galina Burley is a mother of three and is an immigrant from Russia. After moving to America in 1991 with $50 to their name, Galina’s parents relied on her to get a job, learn English, and help them navigate the complexities of their new life in this country. At an early age, Galina became fluent in English, helped her parents start a family business and went to college while working two jobs and raising a family. In addition to her outstanding work as a Manager of a large scale public agency.  In 2013, Galina is considering running for the Vancouver City Council to ensure that her city continues to thrive and prosper.

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