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Faced the Enemy



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Is the Queen Bee syndrome still alive and well in today’s workplace? And if so, what is the motivation for this sort of “Dragon Lady” behavior? Are women professionals today making the most of our opportunity to serve as allies?

The media is full of stories for how women can Lean In and break through the “glass ceiling.” But we face more barriers to our success than a glass ceiling – we also face subtle and systematic sabotage from some of the women we trust the most. This interactive presentation uses advice from interviews with women who have succeeded in some of America’s largest corporations, non-profit organizations and government agencies to educate, entertain and inspire participants in how to better support one another in achieving success in leadership positions. You will learn some of the secrets that every professional woman should know, but are rarely shared. This is an eye-opening, informal and enjoyable session designed to explore the tendency toward relational aggression between women in the workplace and how we can all play a role in breaking that glass ceiling together!

In this session you will learn

  • Why we act against one another, the myriad of forms this sort of action can take – from territorialism, to gossip, exclusion, “put downs”, and the seemingly benign “mama-bear” protective management syndrome.
  • How we can stop doing it, and
  • How we can work together to overcome hurdles in our careers to better promote women in  business and leadership across our community.

Attendees:  In an effort to create customized course content and guided discussions most relevant to your experience, we ask that you please take a short  pre-class survey to share your experience, input and priorities. The survey link will be emailed to you once you have signed up for the session.

About the Speaker

Carmen E. Voillequé is an experienced transformational change consultant with 15 years of experience in public speaking and facilitation and is nationally respected for her ability to provide advanced strategic planning and organizational development consultation for complex partnerships, systems, associations and networks to achieve significant organizational change. Ms. Voilleque has narrowed her focus to the areas of leadership coaching, strategic planning, change management and the development of high performance teams. She is the co-author of Evolutionaries: Transformational Leadership – The Missing Link in Your Organizational Chart, a book aimed at clarifying the critical role of transformational leadership in high-change organizations.

Ms. Voillequé has a BA form the University of Oregon and also attended law school at the University of San Francisco. When not working, she enjoys traveling with her husband and daughter. She and her family make their home in Portland, Oregon.

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