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Women with Something to Say

CarminWhartonBackLeanWhat’s on my mind – Actually there are three things on my mind:

  1. Small business/start-ups – Black women are starting businesses at a faster rate than other women yet our businesses are earning less than women of other races. Also, Black women tend to remain in unfulfilling corporate jobs either because they are unsure of how to transition out of Corporate America or they erroneously believe it will cost a lot of money to start a business will still working for someone else. Embrace technology and be consistent and before you know it, you could be a full time entrepreneur!
  2. Relationships – Way too many Black women are not in a relationship but want to be and in many instances, this is because they insist on a man of a certain height, career or education status or – wait for it – race!  Be open and the right man (he may not look like you thought he would) may walk right into your life.
  3. Safety – Too many Americans are dying due to gun violence. Those opposed to some type of gun regulation say guns don’t kill people, people kill people.  Wrong! Guns – those objects that fire bullets when its trigger is pulled kill people.  Why any normal everyday American needs an assault rifle which can fire off more rounds than the police is beyond me. Ban assault rifles now!

Get to know Carmin:
Carmin Wharton is a home-based business expert and the founder of, a membership community designed to take businesses owned by women of color from start-up to prosperity. She is also a relationship expert and is the author of Lessons Learned:  While Looking for Love in All the Wrong Faces. Follow Carmin at and

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