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During your career a time will come when you will find that there are no changes, no challenges and thrill (the thrill is gone) your career has become stagnant! You are no more interested in the work you are doing and it feels that this is the wrong profession for you!

It may be scary for a moment, but then when you have realized it, then it is the right time to shift to another career, something that will grow your interest and you will be passionate about the work.

If you are in such a phase of your life, then follow these ways for safe transition to another career.

Prepare yourself for the change

While shifting careers, the first thing you need to do is prepare yourself. You will be going through a change that will bring in new experiences and challenges to you. Make yourself prepared for them. You should be willing to dedicate the time required while shifting to a new career.

Do research

When you have set your mind for the change start researching on the new industry where you want to shift your career. Yes, research on the industry and not industries. Think about any one profession where you want to reestablish yourself and gather maximum information about that profession.

Learn new skills

For switching career you may have to develop new skills. If required pursue further education and get those skills that are required in the new profession you are planning to switch to. It’s not necessary that you have to go back to school for further education, you can sign up at different distance education or certification courses and develop new skills.

Gather volunteer experience

For learning new skills working voluntarily will give you enough experience. By this you can learn new skills and also know the secrets of the trade. It can prepare you in the best way for career change.

Rebrand yourself and reach people

When you are ready for the career switch, you should start informing people about the transition you are about to go through. Update your professional accounts with your newly acquired skills and experience and start looking for jobs in the new industry. You can even reach to your friends or family members who are in the current industry. They may provide you information about vacancies at different concerns.

Thus, you are ready for the transition. Be confident and know that if you try hard you can achieve anything in life. Work hard and be passionate about what you are doing. If you had done your homework properly earlier you can surely land your dream job.

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It’s important to us to not just invite diverse members of our community to PuppetConf, but also to welcome and engage everyone in the community conversation. We hope we’ve sparked your interest, and that you’ll consider joining us.

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When you are at your 50s or 60s it’s high time that you start planning for your pension. Even this is the time when you are actually earning the most but still it’s time to make it more. so, what can be done in order to give your career a boost, especially when you have already spend about half of the years of your career working. It’s time that you look for the next gig that will give you and boost in career.

Look for side gigs that will increase your income

Apart from looking for better job opportunities, you can start looking for side income. it will ensure that you are getting something extra along with your present income. You can get what you need and from the extra income you can save something for your future.

This is true that at 50 it is not easy to start, but if you are motivated enough you can easily try out new avenues, create network and make them work for you. However, while looking for side income sources you must ensure that they will not create any problem with your present workplace and you can earn from both the sources.

Look for better job opportunities

This is truth that the more you get up the career ladder, you get fewer opportunities. This is because every organization runs its management on the basis of pyramid, where there are more people at the base of pyramid and less people at the top. So, when you are upon the pyramid it is natural that the openings are less and the competition is more or less same that you had faced at the start of career.

Thus, when you are looking for better opportunity after 50, it is essential that you start looking at your own network. You can get reliable information about opening in different places and according to that.

Moreover, there are sector where demand for experienced workforce is high and that is a good place where you can start looking for the next gig. Many developing concerns and organizations require expertise to counsel a specific part of their job. If you can get such opportunities, you can easily start the work and by sharing your expertise you will not only be able to earn something extra but get satisfaction of sharing those things that you have acquired over the years.

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It may be a nightmare for you and many others to go to an interview without preparation. When you get the call for an interview, the first thing that you do is select the outfit that you will wear during the interview. You must as it is said that first impression is last impression. Then you may go through the online sites for reading the general questions that are asked during the interview. You may even visit the site of the concern so that you know about them before appearing in front of them.

Even after all this on the day of interview you find that your heart is racing as if it has participated in Need for Speed and your palms are sweating! But should things be like that? No, if you remember the following regarding preparing and facing an interview.

Tips during the preparation stage

Before discussing the tips, lets divide the interview into stages, like before the interview, during the interview and of course after the interview.

During your preparation stage do complete research and make sure that you have taken care of things so that you do not look unprofessional there. Remember that preparation is the key to success.

Tips for the interview itself

While you enter the interview room, be confident. Have faith on what you have learned and make sure that your confidence reflects in your eyes. You should try to tighten all the loose ends. Even when you find that you are not getting something be frank and let them know with a smile on your face. A smile can change a lot of things. Listen to the questions properly before answering them and be sure of what you are asking.

 Tips about possible questions during the interview

It is not possible for you or anyone else to guess what the interviewer will ask. However, once started they will proceed with questions as per the answers given by, prepare your answers in such way that you can expect that the next question will be something like this. If you are asked about your weaknesses make point that you share your weakness in such way that it reflects like your strength.

Tips of things to-do after an interview

Oh! The interview is over! Although your mind may be thinking this do not let this appear on your face. Say thanks to the interviewer and let them believe that you are really interested in the position. Be optimistic and you may get a call that “you are hired”

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If you expect that things around will be stable for ever, then you are wrong. Nothing is stable and this is same for your job too! Many times to bring back energy in your life you may need to change careers and that is important. There are many opportunities out there to look for your career all that is needed from you is right decision at the right time.

Look for career that will give you most satisfaction

Once you have taken the decision of career change, enquire yourself that whether it is for more income generation or for getting mental satisfaction? There are many instances where CEOs and big B’s of companies have agreed to huge pay cuts so that they can work on organic farming! This is because you may not get the desired life that you wish to have in your present job. You may be getting a big paycheck at the end of month but that is not satisfying your inner desire.

Examine the reason for career change

As already mentioned, it is important that you enquire yourself about the reason why you are planning for a career change? Is it because you are looking for better income opportunities or you are not satisfied with the type of job you are doing. Your career just not fulfills your professional needs but also ensures that you are satisfied with life. So when you are looking for a change in career it is important that you think of the reason and then choose a suitable career option for yourself. You may not get this opportunity again in life!

Try to move up rather than moving out

There are very few lucky people working out there who are enjoying what they are doing. And if you are among them then think of getting up the ladder. If you are looking for change then you must be doing it for better income, (at least when you are enjoying your job). Try to educate yourself more in the field you are working and you can get better opportunities. The more you know and work it out with your experience, the more will be your prosperity at workplace and more satisfied you will be at the day end.

Get professional advice

While changing career it is always better to get advice from people who have already done it earlier. Their experience will help you take the right decision and you can understand whether what you are thinking is right or wrong.

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Deena Pierott is a nationally recognized entrepreneur and public speaker. She’s the “Idea Wizard” behind Mosaic Blueprint and the White House honored STEM+C+A youth program iUrban Teen.



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Curly Hair IllustrationIn your life you will some time come up at a time when you will look for encore career. Now, what is this encore career all about?

In nutshell, it is your new stage in working and earning that you do after retirement or after reaching an age of say about 50 or more. You may be thinking that why should you work after retirement? You will work for yourself, to make yourself realize that you are still young enough to take up challenges.

So, why are waiting stand up and roll your sleeves so that you can make the most of your encore career. However, while choosing this career many people make some mistakes that may lead some problems for them. You should be very careful and avoid the below mentioned mistakes while choosing the encore career.

Mistake #1: Not following your heart desire

Earlier when you had chosen your career was it something that you loved or was it something that will make your bank balance fatter after each month? About 80% people will say that the latter is correct. They never had time to find out what their heart wanted. All that they were doing then was following where their head was taking them to!

Now, the situation is different and it is time when you look inside yourself to make sure that what you really want? Just follow what it says and you will find that you have got the energy of work that you didn’t had even during your twenties.

Mistake #2: Designing Your Career based on your present life

Again the question arises that whether you are taking up something as your encore career based on your present life or looking for what your heart says. You may have been CEO of an organization but you love farms and growing vegetables there. Follow what your heart says and start your own farm where you can grow organic vegetables. You never know you may become the best chain that sells organic vegetables!

So, do not let your present life decide what will you do, but let your desire take the decision and lead you to your desired destination.

Mistake #3: Ignoring Your Values

Never ever do that. You had been ignoring your values all through your work life; now that it’s time to enjoy work the way you like, chase your dreams. If you were good at something then try that out, you may still have the skills to excel in it.

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4 Things to Do After an Interview

Posted by | February 14, 2016 | Mosaic Blog

Curly Hair IllustrationSo, you are relieved that the interview is over! And you are satisfied that you were able to answer most of the questions confidently and are looking forward to the day when you will get the call from the interviewer. However, before that there are certain things that you must do in order to keep the impression created by you during the interview intact.

Write a thank-you note immediately

You must have collected the business cards of the interviewers. For following up about the interview, the best way is of course sending then emails within 24 hours of the interview stating that you are best choice for the position.

You may also email them thanking them for their kind gesture and let them know how keen you are in getting the position. Now a days many people do not send hand written notes, but you can do that and that will make you different from other candidates present at the interview.

Connect online

When you have business card in your hand, it is obvious that you may try to connect with them online, but do so judiciously. Interfering too much may seem that you are stalking them and this will create negative impact.

Like if you find that any interviewer has more than 500 connections in LinkedIn, then you may send them an invitation. However, when you find that someone has fewer connections, do not send them invitations as they may like to get connected only with chosen few. You may be poking your nose and this may be disturbing for the interviewer.

Continue to follow up

If you find that you are not getting response after quite a while then follow up. If you get answer that it will take some time to take the final decision, do not stop following up. However, while you follow-up; make sure that you are ready with some topic to discuss and just not calling and asking about the position!

Keep notes

While you are looking for job or change you must not be attending interview at one place. So, it’s important that you keep proper track of the job openings that you are pursuing. You should keep notes of the resume sent and the contacts made. You must make note of your impression about the workplace, some important things that you discussed. All these will help you a lot when you look for information.

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Curly Hair IllustrationWe all need help every now and then on acing an interview, could be a business pitch and an actual job interview. Sharing some great tips via Time magazine..Enjoy.

Click here for the article

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Career Advice For The Over 50 Crowd

Posted by | December 28, 2015 | Mosaic Blog

If you thought looking for a job when under 30 was hard work, wait till you get to what they like to call the senior age. Anywhere from 50 years and the doors just keep getting shut. Of course the general explanation for shutting you out of a job opportunity is that you are far too old and they are looking for young blood. Young blood here to signify you do not have the energy. Well, here are tips that will make them shove their words back in their throats and all they will be able to say when you sit in their midst is “You are hired”

Avoid Indicating Your Age

I know that it’s good to be honest, however, let’s keep it real here – when you apply for a job, avoid mentioning your age or hinting at how old you are. If you indicate prior experience, experts advice noting the experience for the previous 10 years and only hinting at the years before that. This way, they cannot shut you out before they listen to you. They cannot just discriminate you because of your age and assume you do not qualify. Also keep in mind that if they openly discriminate you because of your age, they are committing a crime and if you can prove it then you can use that as leverage to get the job.

Have A Strong Online Presence

Today, just about everything is online, including platforms for employment. Sites such as LinkedIn provide a great opportunity to get employment. Having a LinkedIn profile therefore gives you a better chance of landing that job. Indicate experience and skill but avoid mentioning your age. Note that “The internet never forgets” so if you have any unprofessional images or anything that screams “Do not hire me” on other online platforms, you should delete them. The first thing a potential employer does when they meet you online is Google you, so imagine what would happen if they stumbled across drunk photos of you on Facebook.

Improve Your Skills

The thing that makes potential employers choose the younger crowd over you is their skill set. Things change as times change. Computers were invented and everyone owns a phone now. Similarly, curriculums changed and new stuff was incorporated into curriculums. If you do not change with the changing times you become obsolete. While you are out looking for a job, it would also be best if you could sharpen your skills. Take that additional course, learn computer programming or something else. The more up to date you are, the higher the chances of being hired. New knowledge but your experience makes you an indispensable asset.

And as always, network, network, network.

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Let Your Resume Reflect Your Skills

Posted by | December 20, 2015 | Mosaic Blog


Whenever you start writing your resume, it’s natural that you will try to understand the nature of the prospective employer. It will help you write your resume in an attractive manner. However, it is not always possible to know the nature of the interviewer. So, what can be done by you is prepare such a resume that will reflect your skills that will be needed by the concern.

You need to be very careful while writing the resume as it should not be very lengthy as the employer will not go through every detail. Even it should not be one copied from internet! An experienced human resource manager will understand by just giving a glance at it. So, while writing the resume makes sure that your skills are highlighted so that the employer calls you for an interview.

Start with cover letter – How Important is it?

A cover letter is just not a simple letter. With it you can make your resume from all other resumes! In this letter you can write the synopsis of your experience and skills that will be apt for the position applied by you. By going through the cover letter an employer can know why it is important to go through your resume and consider you as a probable candidate.

Different skills that must be mentioned in the resume

Various skills that should be highlighted by you in the resume are

  • Analytical and conceptual skills that will show the employer that you have the ability to understand a problem and come up with a solution for the problem. You can include instances from your work life.
  • Planning and Organizational skills are the most essential part of any resume. It includes setting goals and meeting them on time. A planned person will complete tasks in time and make them error free too, that is needed for the company.
  • Interpersonal skills are also important to highlight as they will reflect that you are a team person and can work in team to achieve the goal of the company. These skills are important for a strong teambuilding that will liked by almost all the employers.
  • Personal Skills are your strength that will be beneficial for the company. So, include personal skills self-motivated, punctual, responsible, adaptability in your resume to let the employer know about your strengths.
  • Technical and Computer skills are the most important ones as these will be required for doing the work. Like if you are applying for a dot net associate, you should have requisite skills for that and it must be reflected in your resume.

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