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Economy or BlacksThe South Also Rises

One of the great ironies of our time is that the best opportunities for African-Americans now lie in the South, from which so many fled throughout much of the 20th century. In the past few decades, many good jobs have moved South and blacks, like many whites and Hispanics, have followed.

Read full Forbes article here

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Resume helps in creating your first impression in front of the recruiters. Thus, you must do it in such way that it is able to grab the attention and showcase the skills that you possess. Here are some tips that will help you to create a resume that will make difference.

Avoid cliché words

You are not the only one who is sending their resume for a job vacancy. The HR personnel must have gone through a number of them before they get your resume. They must have been sick of those common words like “successfully,” “responsible for” and others.  To them all the resumes are similar to one another. So, search online and you will find adjectives that will appropriately describe your achievements.

Have an ‘adaptable’ resume

Do you have a set resume and send it to every organization? When you apply for a job it is better that you modify your resume so that that it meets the job requirement better. In other words it must adapt to the situation. Now, the question is how can you do that?

First consider the resume format, whether it is functional or chronological. It will depend upon what type of job are you applying for? If it is a functional switch then you must have a functional resume format that will highlight your skills. Similarly if you are applying to a new post on similar type of job, show your experience for that job through a chronological resume.

Secondly, through your resume you must be able to highlight how you will be beneficial for the organization where you are applying for the job

Be Concise and Neat

When you write your resume remember that the person reading it will not spend much time on it. Thus, it should be so written that in few words or few phrases it is able to attract the attention of the recruiter. The first few seconds that the recruiter spends on your resume will decide whether they will read further and call you for an interview.

Thus, write your resume in crisp way if possible give bulleted points that will provide them with concise details about you and your work experience. you should be able to communicate with them clearly.

Do not forget to mention the objective or career summary

Through a career summary you will be able to let the recruiter give a brief about your experience and objective of joining their organization. Again do not write those available online as they must have seen such objective in few more resumes till they land at your resume. Consider whey you are applying for the job and write accordingly.

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Closing the Gender Gap

Posted by | March 14, 2017 | Mosaic Blog

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The private sector has made significant progress in thinking about the gender gap. According to a recent McKinsey study, 75 percent of CEOs include gender diversity in their list of top 10 business concerns. Despite that awareness and the attention the issue receives from many (especially at the top of organizations), it has yet to translate consistently into programs and mindsets that yield the results we are looking for.

That’s not to say that there isn’t innovative work taking place. Increasingly, organizations large and small are embracing new strategies for worker flexibility for example. Those programs have been shown to positively impact the retention of female employees. But, the results still aren’t as great as they should be. That begs the question, what’s missing?

Read full article here

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Events of Interest

Posted by | October 20, 2016 | Mosaic Blog

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The Willamette Valley Developers Officers Association is hosting a Fall forum on November 3.  Focus is fundraising with a morning on marketing/communication and the afternoon on individual asks/major gifts.

Guest speaker is Vu Le from Seattle and the blog Nonprofit with Balls.  Here’s a link to the information:  Always room for more people to attend!!!

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Stephanie D. Moon share about a motivating talk by Dr. Juliet Gopinath on how to find success in your STEM career.

Here is a few ingredients for success according to her:

-Find mentors (seek them out, don’ wait for them to find you) and inspiration from role models

-Work with others and seek collaborations

-Be strategic about what you spend your time on, and persevere

-Always seek professional growth opportunities (mentoring others, internships, taking positions of more responsibility, new research positions, new classes, workshops, meeting/networking other STEM professionals)

-Think outside the box and hone your creativity skills (this takes practice!) by reading work outside your field, having discussions with people outside your field, integrate art into your STEM and above all learn as much as you can.

-Market yourself by creating a great CV/resume, practicing an elevator speech, & making business cards

-Have a positive, ‘pay it forward’ attitude- mentor junior colleagues/students and set a good example for others even if you feel like you don’t have time (these things can be scheduled in!)

Read full article here

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Diversity and Inclusion affect not only the businesses’ people and operations internally but also their customers, suppliers, and other external stakeholders.

Sahar Andrade from  wrote that Leading companies know it’s essential to consistently maintain diversity as a top business imperative over a period of, at minimum, five years before diversity can gain traction and become part of the way those companies do business.

According to her some key advantages of diversity in the workplace are:

  1. Increased Productivity: Diversity and Inclusion brings in diverse different talents together working towards a common goal using different sets of skills that ignites their loyalty and increases their retention and productivity
  2. Increased creativity and Problem solving: With so many different and diverse minds coming together many more solutions will arise as every individual brings in their way of thinking, operating and solving problems and decision making
  3. Attract and Retain talent that add a competitive edge to any organization.  Feeling included and appreciated increases loyalty and feeling of belonging.  Language skills pool is increased and propels organization forward either to compete in the International global world or to increase its diverse customer base
  4. Help to build synergy in teams and enhances communication skills that brings in new attitudes and processes that profit the whole team
  5. Applying the proper diversity& inclusion management strategies does not only save money on litigation expenses generated by discrimination lawsuits but is the right thing to do for the business.
  6. It increases market share and create a satisfied diverse customer base by relating to people from different backgrounds.  It does propel the United States and its status to claim its place and success in the global business world of the 21st century

Read the full article from Sahar here

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Employee engagement has become such a hot topic that great swarms of consultants and authors are undoubtedly banging on your door as we speak, armed with enough action plans and PowerPoint presentations to make your head swim. Whom to trust? What to believe?

Paul Keegan writes about 5 rules of employee engagement:

Rule 1: Don’t Sweat Anonymous Reviews
If your employees are already disgruntled, throwing too many perks at them may only create a culture of entitlement. So don’t sweat the negative reviews too much–and don’t dress up your Glassdoor page with lots of expensive content. It will only make people wonder what you’re trying to hide.

Rule 2: Discover Your Company’s Purpose
An important turning point for employee engagement experts came with Daniel H. Pink’s Drive. The 2009 book argues that while it’s important to pay employees well, most carrot-and-stick motivators don’t work in the long term, because people get so fixated on the reward that they lose interest in the activity itself. What we really want in our jobs, Pink writes, is autonomy, the chance to get better at what we do, and a purpose that connects us to something larger.

Rule 3: Survey, But Keep It Short and Follow Up

One reason measuring employee engagement is so difficult is there is no consensus on what the term means, exactly. Gallup says it describes people who are “psychologically committed to their jobs and likely to be making positive contributions to their organizations.” But Gerst maintained that it is statistically impossible to accurately predict outcomes like productivity, profitability, sales, absenteeism, and accident rates on the basis of employee-engagement numbers, despite the claims of Gallup and others.

So what’s an entrepreneur to do? In short, follow the example of the Nerdery: Survey your employees if you need to get a handle on how they feel, but don’t spend a lot of money, make it short, and ask the right questions.

Rule 4: There Is Only So Much You Can Do
There’s a limit to how much “fun” is good for a company–and its employees. Studies show that while team-building events and public celebrations can decrease turnover, they can also harm productivity. And playing games in the workplace can have a positive effect, but only if the workers want to participate; perhaps not surprisingly, “mandatory fun” has been shown to reduce productivity and job satisfaction.
In other words, it’s OK to acknowledge that some problems are beyond a boss’s control. “One thing entrepreneurs should not worry about is trying to engage everyone,” says MacPherson. “It’s perfectly acceptable to write off the employees who will never buy in.”

Rule 5: Actually, Don’t Worry About Engagement
After decades of rapid growth, the field of employee engagement is now suffering a well-deserved backlash. Though big consulting firms have been sounding the alarm about disengaged workers for more than 30 years, today 79 percent of businesses are seriously worried about engagement and retention, according to Deloitte. Globally, only 13 percent of employees are highly engaged, says Gallup. So if employee-engagement programs are so effective, why are so many workers still checked out?
So don’t worry about employee engagement. Instead, treat people well, listen to them, and give them room to grow. Don’t do that just to squeeze more productivity out of them–they’re smart enough to see that coming–but because it’s the right thing to do. And if your heart is in the right place, they’ll see that too.

Read the full article by Paul here.

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Everybody needs to work to earn their livelihood but how many of them do it passionately? Do you yourself do things because you love to do them or you are forced to do them? About eighty percent people will state that they are doing it as they have to! If you are among them then you must feel boredom in the work you are doing! Whereas if you are passionate about what you are doing then you will enjoy doing things, you will feel that time is flying away.

If you are not happy with what are doing presently then find it and follow it and you will land up in your dream job!

If you are not happy, quit the job fast!

Most people keep on working in the same job although they know that they are not satisfied! They work in one job and dream about another and do not do justice to either of the opportunities. Yes, your dream job may not be an opportunity yet, but it’s you who have to convert it into an opportunity!

When you know you are not satisfied with one job, quit it. If you are lucky enough you must have savings to let you pass through the time when you are jobless or else let God help you.

Follow your curiosity

You may not have clear idea about what to do and how to do, but at least you can chase your curiosity! Find out what are the things that snatch away your sleep, what makes you excited and what is that work that brings smile to your face. By pursuing these things you will be set of the pathway to know who you are and what do you really want!

Money should be secondary

While doing all these do not make money your primary consideration. Yes, you have to earn money but do not work to earn money only! If its money that you are chasing then after few years you will land up in the same position. Instead find and follow your passion. Ask yourself what is it that you are crazy about? What had been your dream since ages? Once you know all this and follow it someday will come when money will not matter at all.

Do not set any ceilings on yourself

While pursuing your dreams remember that sky is the limit. Do not set any ceilings on yourself. You never know where can you land at and thus follow your dreams and have faith in them. Remember that nothing is impossible when you are passionate about something.

Follow what your heart says and ask your brain to execute them. You will be there soon.

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While working, the most dreaded thing that you may face is getting terminated. There are crooks that are unable to perform and thus may get fired but in your case it’s not that! You may find it difficult to face the truth and cannot find the reason why you were fired. However, during such situation you need to stay cool and be positive so that you can overcome the situation calmly and fast.

After being fired be cool and set plans that will let you take further steps in planned way.

Control your emotions

The first things that you need to do after getting the news that you are fired you need to control your emotions. Just do not bang on things or let tears come out of your eyes. You will be broken from inside but do not let the fear reflect in your eyes. It will let others take advantage of the situation. Once you have controlled your emotions think about your future.

Do not share the news with everyone. They will not understand the cause and make stories that will break your morale. To control yourself and face the situation you can share the news with someone who is close to you and you trust you and you trust them.

Share your feeling and do not spend too much time in getting the reason of being fired

After you get the news to share the emotions, your fears and the uncertainty about future, you must share the news with your family. They will understand you and be beside you in such situation. However, in such situation remember that you must not spend time in getting the reason why you were will bring about a lot of things that are not soothing and may make you weak. Rather look for things that will motivate you for taking further steps in career.

Be positive, you may pursue your dream career

Once being fired, you do not have to rush to 10 to 7 office every day. You will get some time to think about your career. Were you actually satisfied with the job where you were working or it was just a work that you had to do for earning money? If the latter is the main reason, then try to think about what was your dream? Where did you want to see yourself and where are you now. This is the best time when think about them and pursue them.

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Deena Pierott is a nationally recognized entrepreneur and public speaker. She’s the “Idea Wizard” behind Mosaic Blueprint and the White House honored STEM+C+A youth program iUrban Teen.

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