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Exciting news for folks that have a passion for writing.. 

HBO has announced the launch of the HBOAccess Writing Fellowship which will begin accepting applications on March 4, 2015.


The program will give emerging writers from diverse backgrounds an opportunity to attend a week of master classes held at the HBO campus in Santa Monica, California focusing on character and story development, pitching ideas and projects, securing an agent, and networking. Each participant will then enter into an 8-month writing phase where he/she will be paired with an HBO development executive and guided through the script development process. At the conclusion of the program, HBO will hold a reception and staged reading for industry profession..

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Urban Spark Business Summit

Posted by | February 10, 2015 | Mosaic Blog

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March 17th – Portland Oregon

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Teens – Growing Up Post Racial

Posted by | December 12, 2014 | Mosaic Blog

Teens Post Racial

“As a generation, we don’t acknowledge color, but we know that the race problem is still there,” says 16-year-old Nailah Richards, an African-American student at Medgar Evers College Preparatory School in Brooklyn. “We don’t really pay attention to it, but we know it’s there.”

Reading this interesting article here

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Anonymous job applications can level the playing field in access to jobs but cannot prevent all forms of discrimination..

The use of anonymous job applications to combat hiring discrimination is gaining attention and interest. Results from a number of field experiments in European countries (France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Sweden are considered here) shed light on their potential to reduce some of the discriminatory barriers to hiring for minority and other disadvantaged groups. But although this approach can achieve its primary aims, there are also some cautions to consider.   Countries vary considerably in their<br /><br />
                        antidiscrimination policies, 2010

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Mosaic Job Fair Image Sept 14

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Looking for your next career with some great employers?  Then join us on September 24th at the Mosaic Blueprint Diversity Career Fair.  Go to to register for prize giveaways and workshops.

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To succeed, you’ve got to stay ahead of the pack. Today’s most-successful leaders know how to do just that.

Nothing is forever, and this is especially true when it comes to business. What worked well yesterday may not (and probably won’t) work quite so well tomorrow. This means that leaders must constantly be alert to ways to optimize their businesses in fast-changing markets and environments. Those who don’t change with the times will soon find themselves left behind in the dust of their competitors.

To set the pace and stay ahead of the rest of the pack, great leaders always do the following things:

1. Constantly renew focus and revise goals.

All performance starts with clear goals and expectations. Great leaders regularly prioritize and revaluate existing company and employee goals–ideally with those most responsible for attaining them–and ensuring they are focused on those things that matter most to the company and its customers. One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. One version of such insanity is to continue doing the same things even thought the environment you operate in has significantly changed. Doing things differently begins with reviewing and revising goals, then regularly checking progress and revising those goals as necessary.

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I came across an article today that nailed exactly what most of us have known for a very long time, being penalized for fostering diversity/inclusion in the workplace…

“Nonwhite and women leaders who engage in diversity-increasing behaviors in the highest organizational ranks are systematically penalized with lower performance ratings for doing so,” the study continues. “Our findings suggest that nonwhite and women leaders may increase their own chances of advancing up the corporate ladder by actually engaging in a very low level of diversity-valuing behavior… By downplaying their race and gender, these leaders may be viewed…as worthy of being promoted into the highest organizational echelons.”

Read the entire article here

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Div Symposium


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Mosaic Job Fair

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