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Leadership 101

Posted by | June 9, 2014 | Mosaic Blog


“People love being in leadership until you have to make a leadership decision that will cause some people not to like you anymore. If you worry about burning bridges and people not liking you because you make decisions in the best interest of groups of people and organizations leadership is not in your blood”..Julius Clark

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Change Your Daily Routine

Posted by | May 3, 2014 | Mosaic Blog

Change Daily

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Interview tips

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I recently read a great article that suggested some fresh new resume tips to get your 2014 job search started on the right foot, and hopefully ending soon. The point is to make that resume work for you! Often enough the only time we think of updating our résumé is when we make a career change, so like many job seekers you may be updating and revising the same old resume that you have used for years. Let’s give that a rest shall we? The key to landing an interview and being noticed among the crowd of anxious and eager job hunters is to set yourself apart, what better way to do that than to put to use some new trends and tips for sprucing up your résumé. A simple makeover could be the difference between 4 more weeks of unemployment and that first paycheck.

So take advantage of Jessica Holbrook Hernandez’s advice and give your résumé a fresh start for 2014:

Her advice is geared to a tech savvy audience, but even if technology is not your strong point, or if the concepts of social media elude you then consider working with a professional resume writing service or coach. Professional services like this vary a great deal in what they offer and the price. It’s up to you to  weigh the pros and cons. Even a great resume can improve when subject to a professional eye, and a mediocre resume can gain a competitive edge potentially all that’s needs to put you one step closer to an offer letter.


Sprinavasa Brown, Editor

Mosaic Metier

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Posted by | January 3, 2014 | Mosaic Blog

Good things

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What Not to Say In an Interview

Posted by | December 30, 2013 | Mosaic Blog

InterviewWhen you are a new prospect for a job it is very easy to get caught up in trying to impress your new boss, but you really need to know what not to say in an interview so that you do not come out looking like a Lone Ranger. It is important that you do not emphasize the words “I” and “Me” as this will give your new boss the feeling that you try to work alone and not as a team. Many employers want people who are willing to work together as a team and not try and handle their business single-handed.

Always keep in mind that the employer is hiring you to work with them and you must let them know that you are willing to work as a team member, and not alone, unless of course they expect you to work alone. Another thing that I strongly suggest that you not say in an interview is to bring up anything at all that will sound negative.

A job interview should always be positive even if you have had past failures, leave the past in the past and look to the future with a fresh start – assuming you have learned from the past failures, and you do not bring them to the future jobs. It is very important that you know what not to say in an interview, as it is what you should say, because we always want to say things that we think they want to hear.

Finally, to make your job interview a good experience, always remember that if it is not related to your resume – then don’t even mention it unless you are asked. Leave all of the small talk for another time; your job at this stage is to land the job. Knowing what not to say in an interview will help you more than knowing what to say.

Deena Pierott
Mosaic Metier


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Happy Holidays

Posted by | December 23, 2013 | Mosaic Blog

From your friends at Mosaic Metier….

CFC Holidays

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Any Twitters out there? Join me on a digital chat on Friday, December 20th with Black Enterprise Magazine.

Deena P.

BE_Tech_Twitter Chat Flyer

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